All the emissions insight you need, in a single platform

# :rocket: What you can do with Ditch Carbon

First question - What data do you have to begin with ? We can calculate the carbon impact of almost anything using a combination of GHG protocol approved calculations and our unparalleled database of company and product disclosures.

:office: Company data
:dollar: Spend data
:computer: IT data
:truck: Material data
:postbox: Shipping data - BETA

So whatever tool, app or platform you are building we'd love you to integrate emissions data into it, the more information users have the more informed their decision making can be.

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Let us know if you have any questions at all by dropping us an email [email protected]

# :lock: Authentication

If you need an API token just click here.

:office: Company level data

We hold 2 types of records on companies which we serve using our supplier api

Direct - This means they have disclosed their carbon footprint, we have captured it and will return all the relevant data, including the scope breakdown as well as source materials

Indirect - This means we they have not yet disclosed their carbon footprint so we calculate emissions based on their industrial classification.

Both calculation methods are in line with the GHG protocol guidance though as you'd expect the direct method is more accurate.

:dollar: Spend data

By combining the data we have on the company and the amount spent with that particular firm we can accurately calculate what the associated emissions are :) check out the expense api for this one

:computer: IT data

IT equipment uses a lot of carbon, both in its manufacture and its use - especially servers. our IT API covers this, just pass the make, model, use and location and we'll return the emissions. We flex the results based on the location, this is important due to the vast differences in the carbon intensity of the local energy grids.

:truck: Material data

If you are a concerned with base materials are directly burning fossil fuels you'll need to know how much carbon is associated with this process - we call this our emissions api, we have the emissions of everything from bituminous coal to natural gas

:postbox: Shipping data - BETA

If you'd like to understand the carbon impact of shipping packages via various couriers then this is the one for you :) check our logistics API, you'll need to know the courier, the weight along with the start and end location.

Super early with this one so please do try and break it so we can make it better!