We define "product" as "any goods or services."

The API returns two carbon footprints:

  • manufacturer_declared_carbon_footprint is the manufacturer's reported value for the product's net greenhouse gas emissions measured in kgCO2e.
  • Preferred: carbon_footprint is a modified value that uses DitchCarbon's models. Our models consider aspects that have changed since the manufacturer's declaration (e.g. grid intensity) to provide a better estimate.

In case there is no exact product match, you can provide the category_name parameter. Use the categories endpoint to find a list of possible categories. We'll return the category average and set methodology="product_category" if your requested product is not found.

In case there is no exact product match and no exact category match, we'll use the industry standard spend-based methodology to estimate the carbon footprint of the requested product. The API expects the "price_cents" and "price_currency" parameters to be set in this case.

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